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June 11, 2012



Yes, bright is good for a baby, and I love the colours you've chosen. Lots of people have taken to The Twitter and Facebook and Flickr and they think blogs are old hat now.

Mary de B

Nice to see you again! I came via Ravelry today.
The quilt is nice and colourful!


I'm also sewing more than knitting at the moment.

I've moved my blog but am still at it.

Also love your quilt top, brights are definitely fabulous for babies!


Great to see you blogging again and I love your quilt colours.


You're back! It was a pleasant surprise to see your posts -- I know just what you mean about everything being different, as I took a long break too, and still haven't quite adjusted, either to the changes in out there or those in myself.

I think the baby will love the quilt -- bright but not hectic, with its occasional dash of pattern mixed with the solids. Nice to wake up on after a good nap!

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