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January 15, 2008



Oh is that Flight of the Conchords???? I have heard them on the ABC radio, they had a series!!! Very funny!! But then I shouldn't laugh as I' ride about on kangaroos!!!


That is funny ... our Aussie relies have just left but they would have liked that too!


Good to see you again Mary. Hope that you had a great Christmas etc...

I liked the clip especially the bit about 'pahkin the ka'....

Beth S.

Nice to see you again :-)

Beth S.

Nice to see you again :-)

Mary de B

Nice to see you back!


good to see you.


good to see you.


ta for your note on the brompton pattern - re-working the maths now...

Carol Wessel

They are great aren't they?

Someone (a friend - UK born but with Auzzie parents) made a crack about convicts and NZ a few days ago - I put her straight!

Looking forward to your return to blogging!


Welcome back to it!

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