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October 03, 2007



All the socks look lovely. I presume you will try to finish them this month? Clear the way for more socks?
I haven't been tempted by the new KF Regia, but your colours look a lot more exciting than online store shade cards.


I'm with you on the plain socks - I just frogged some because purling on socks doesn't mix well with my wrist - when push comes to shove it's the process that counts, that and what makes you happy.


What a lovely bunch of socks! Yes, there is Soctoberfest but Lolly is not doing prizes and stuff this year, there is a flickr group and it is a simple celebration of socks, which you are well on your way with anyway!

Ruth Martin

I'm a "plain sock" gal too - ideal TV knitting. I love that Trekking colourway but squint as I might, I couldn't make out the colour number on the ball band...what is it? Thanks! I really enjoy your blog, and hearing about what you are up to over there in the U.K. (I'm in Canada). Happy sock knitting!


I bit the bullet and finished all but one pair of socks in late Winter. The unfinished pair need more wool dyed just for the toe. Sigh. I always have a plain stocking stitch pair of socks for TV or going out knitting!! The new wool looks great too!! See how fast Toby's are going??!! Happy socks!!


i'm doing socks for October too but not because of soctoberfest. It's always a good idea to have a simple sock project to pick up when you have a few spare minutes. I love the trekkings yarn... the colours are just gorgeous.


I'm just finishing a pair in the KF Regia, same colour as the ones on the top half of your photo, great minds think alike....


Very very nice choices. Shame about Sam's sock - can you claim it for your very own?


Yep, you really can't beat plain old socks ;) Nothing is as relaxing is it?

Might bump into you on Thurs if you're at the show.


I agree - I like the stocking stitch ones best for knitting but I always admire those able to knit the patterned ones!

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