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September 10, 2007



I love Tangled Yolk so will look out for your progress. Welcome back!


I've barely looked at my magazines. I like the front cover of IK but am wary of it gaping a little. There's a tangled yoke group on ravelry, you'll be pleased to know.


Lots of good stuff in the new Rowan. How about Neaty?


Welcome back! I wondered how you were all getting on. I fancy the cover one on IK - where Rowan is concerned I have seen Earth Shawl - beautiful colours - and have tried on Narvik - I thought it a bit short in the waist, but very wearable. Several of us went to Sheelagh's Yarn House last Saturday, that's where I saw these beauties.


Camping in the rain is so, so hard. I think a cottage next year is a splendid idea!

I haven't even picked up any of the new knitting magazines- I have been real busy at work as well. But I have looked through a couple back issues and found a pair of knee socks from last fall's Rowan that I am going to knit!


Oh, I am not a happy camper. Ever. I hate and detest camping with a vengeance, but I love bushwalking etc, as long as I can come home the same day!! I am glad that it was nice at Dorset!!! I am hoping the new IK will be at the newsagent's tomorrow. How exciting that you are so inspired!!


We're off to St Ives in just over a week. Though staying in our usual property ;)

I haven't been to the LYS in Taunton for ages. Presume you mean the one on the main road. Mind you, now I have Get Knitted 45 mins away, I don't need to go anywhere else!

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