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September 26, 2007



Well done! Those look quite complicated granny squares. Do I see a blanket/throw/afghan approaching?......am sure Josie would like one for her bed!


They look great! I agree with Jill, a blanket would be a great thing to do. Jan (Eaton) has some great crochet square books out as well.

Karen B.

I'm terribly impressed at your crochet turnaround. You've got some fabulous dirty, pretty things.


they look lovely! I've never gotten my head around crocheting either...one day maybe, I'll unlock that secret. well done to you .. can't wait to see what all these squares turn into.


Wow, your squares are fantastic!!! You are right about learning by doing: it is much easier!!


The squares are great, such nice colour combinations. It is well worth learning to crochet I think!


Those granny squares are beautiful. Somehow the crochet thing still hasn't clicked in my brain. 3 people have tried to teach me without success!!


Your squares are lovely! I like the colours too. I was the same about crochet but I've managed a few basics although I haven't yet ventured into squares :)


Your squares look great. I crochet quicker thaI knit, most of my afghans are crohet

Carol Wessel

It certainly looks like you've got the hang of it now!

The top squares look quite complex.

Well done!


They are beautiful! I know what you mean by the brain kicking in!!!

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