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July 09, 2007



I find that if there's something hanging around unfinished, everything else I touch goes wrong until I go back and finish the first thing. I'm sure it's just my subconscious, or something, but it's true. The sock looks great!


I'm the same plus I have too many WIP's for comfort at the moment so am pushing to finish some.


I love that sock- it's beautiful! It will be good for it to get a mate quickly.

I do like to get things finished up before I start more. I have a sweater for me and one for Jacob both in the works- am waiting to finish these before starting a new project!


It's looking great! I'm torn between this pattern, Making Waves or Monkey for my second sockapaloozer pal. Your grass is looking very green after all this rain!


It's a very pretty sock, too nice to keep waiting for long ;)


I have the opposite problem, nothing on the needles and I don't know what to start!! I lik ethe sock :)

Beth S.

Yes, yes, yes. Same thing here. I'm ignoring my poor Hyrna, which needs a bit more repair work... but while she sits there waiting, I can't bring myself to start any more lace. So nothing gets started and nothing gets finished. Stalemate.

I do really like that sock of yours. It's gorgeous! You and Polly are making me want to cast on for that... once my conscience will let me, that is. ;-)


Your sock looks very serene. I have asome second socks to finish. I have a toe and 2 feet and that's all. But now I am Tour de Francing. You are much more motivated than I am!!!


Ah yes. I hide those sorts of things in the wardrobe.


Oh that sock really is very pretty, hope you can make it a pair soon.


I really want to cast on for something new as well, but the WIP pile is haunting me.

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