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July 25, 2007



High Tea is my favourite meal, that and brunch!!! I think a G&T is acceptable at any time really!! We have been watching the floods on TV and hoping everyone is safe.


We would love a little bit of that rain -- send it over! Haven't seen a drop since March, I think.

What a lovely view from your window --


That tea looks lovely! We had a rainless day on Wednesday, I spent 5 hours weeding ... scary garden no more!


I like the look of your new friends! I'm really glad you are ok after all that rain.


Your high tea looks delicious, especially the G&T. I like your teapot, I have a smaller version of it that sits on a matching teacup.


I am so glad you haven't been washed away in the rains - high tea always feels such a treat doesn't it as it needs decent china and attention to detail (and for some reason I always think of asparagus rolls without crusts - a real treat when I was small as you absolutely HAD to eat your crusts at all other times). I am thoroughly jealous that you can pick sweet peas and also carrots - no point growing carrots here, for some reason they just won't take (and yet we have good soil) and my sweet peas have actually shrunk in the last month and there are no flowers at all, humph.


I miss high tea, I love your teapot.


You have been lucky, with all those floods around your way, my heart goes out to all those people, I'm lucky enough to live on high ground.

High tea sounds delightful, even better with a sneaky G&T!


Your new friends look like a lot fun ;) With the weather like it is, we have to make the most of the sunny days don't we?

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