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June 04, 2007



I love the colour of the Koigu :)

Hope you are having a good time on half term holiday!

Karen B.

I'm sure the LL will turn up. BTW, I quite like the Diagonal Rib pattern. Enjoy your break!


the colour looks lovely in that pattern, I hope you find the other ball of yarn!


i like this pattern a lot too and was planning on knitting it too, one of these days. btw, men tidying is bad thing. All mine does well is take things to the dump!


Those socks look great in the koigu. I've managed to knit one sock from a skein of koigu, with 'regular' leg and foot length, so you might manage. Why not do an afterthought heel in case you have enough yarn to knit it? I wish Chris would tidy up my yarn sometimes - I wouldn't mind forfeiting a ball of yarn for a clean flat!

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