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June 13, 2007



Yes I think that you probably will. These socks are only on 65 stitches!


I don't agree with Polly! I think you've about 33% to go, and 20g won't be enough! Have you spare in case? The socks look great, another pattern to add to The List! Now you and Toby will have to come to an arrangement over who drinks and who drives!


Congratulations on the new job and driving there every day! I have not got a clue if you have enough yarn left for that lovely sock, but if it was me I might be a bit worried!!!

Beth S.

That is a lovely sock indeed. And it looks like such fun to knit! I can't figure out why Interweave didn't include it in their Favorite Socks book...


I can't help with the sock, but, well done on the new job and driving! I know what you mean about public transport, it's pretty much like that here.


How about some rough maths to see if you'll make it? I always use less that 1/3 of the yarn on the foot after the gusset. If pal's feet are 9 1/2 inches, you'll need to knit 9 inches from heel to toe... come on knit faster so that I'll know if Dawn is right

Mary de B

Wait a minute, this has nothing at all to do with measuring marigolds! I've wondered about your blog post titles before....


I think I'd be knitting faster by now just out of sheer terror incase I ran out. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you but I think it might be a bit tight.


Marigolds as in inching along? Hope you and the Koigu make it!


Congratulations on the new job! Glad to hear you're enjoying the driving.


Top stuff on the job :)

The socks are gorgeous, and I'd guestimate that you have enough left over, as I'm assuming that there is less on the foot to go than you did in leg length plus heel and decreases. If so, by some very shoddy maths (i.e. your ratio of sock to yarn usage is about the same ish), you should be fine. Might be close, but you should manage... Anyone placing any bets here?


Fingers crossed! That is a lovely sock indeed, it would be such a shame if it weren't to make it.

Congratulations on passing you test! I have yet to do so too, although at the moment I'm trying to pass other things first. What a relief it must be!


They are pretty, hope you have enough to finish :)


Isn't there a song somewhere about 'inchworm, inchworm, measuring the marigolds,' - can't remember the next line, but something about 'you and your arithmetic will probably go far' ? Or am I completely off-beam here? Danny Kaye? Hans Christian Anderson?

Think the sock pattern is great, though I would be the teensy bit worried.....

Hope the driving is going well, you have certainly been thrown in at the deep end, but sometimes that's best!


Jill is right on the money! Danny Kaye in HCA it is. Sweet song.

Delicious socks! I may attempt them at the suggestion of Miss Woolywarbler (who pointed me this way to see yours, and I'm glad she did!)

Don't let the job cut in on your knitting time, and no knitting whilst driving!

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