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June 21, 2007



You plonker ;) That was very brave of you though....never in a million years would I try that on a sock, but then I still get jittery when I hear the Dr Who theme! Full marks for perseverance.


can i say told you so? you're too good, if I wanted to add, I would had cut at the cuff and grafted ..no one would had been the wiser. Don't you find this pattern a bit slow going? I would never rip because it seems to take ages to get any progress!


Well done, I would have given up by then or fudged it!


I've unpicked the cast on to use some of the yarn on the toe, when I've ran out of yarn, but never to lengthen the leg! It might be a better idea to snip at the end of the ribbing at the top, knit another half an inch and graft together.

Dawn (not knitting socks at the moment!)


Aw, you poor thing! That's such a bummer! But that is one seriously lovely sock. :)


Practice makes perfect, I suppose!

It is a lovely looking sock though.


Sounds like exactly the kind of thing that I do all the time. I am so so so SO glad to see that I am not the only one. The sock does look really nice, I may need to add a pair to my future too. xx

Knitting Bandit

Some knitters may think you're crazy, but I totally know how that happens!

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