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May 10, 2007



incredible scenery!Love that expanse of rocky shore.
I remember bluebell woods from my childhood, beautiful.


Those beaches are amazing aren't they? Rather prehistoric looking. Sounds like you had a good time regardless of the weather.

hpny knits

very dramatic coast! great shots. thanks for sharing.


I agree, it's dramatic scenery! You're brave going away on a bank holiday, the weather is always bad!


Beautiful scenery - and love the bluebell woods. Memories of a wonderful childhood...


I've been hunting bluebells too - there's just nothing like them at this time of year.


Man, that looks cold! Lovely, though, esp. the bluebells.


My family is from Devon, so I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Makes me want to go very badly!


Crikey and there was me hovering over the switch to turn the central heating back on after being spoilt by all that lovely warm weather last week. Don't you just hate mist when you're in a tent, it clings to everything.


Oh what a wonderful beach. We have some great rocks like that near us.


Amazing scenery, it makes me so homesick. I have'nt seen bluebells since i was a kid at home.

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