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May 16, 2007



I'm not a gardener, but will your lettuce be ready at the same time? It happened to my brother once, we practically ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Your veg looks great. I don't have any of those needle coils but if I did I would have been one of us that had to taste it!!


Gyahh!! I have those coils, and they're upstairs, and I'm downstairs, and all I can say is that I hope that I have FORGOTTEN about this post by the time I'm anywhere near them... I'm now *very* curious! I love the gardening shots; mine look much the same (if a little flooded right now); we have no pheasants to contend with, though.

Beth S.

Don't feel bad about the broken rib socks! I got a pair once for Sockapalooza and they were mercilessly tight. No fun to put on / take off at all.


The garden looks lovely. I am still waiting or my bans to peek their head up above ground.

And research is the key to the perfect socks for some one else. Or at least that is what I say.


you checked both sizes of needle holder? - glutton for punishment, I'm thinking ...


Your garden looks great :) I think I'm going to have to plant some new runner beans as the packet I had before was very old and I think the seed isn't viable any more.


Lovely veggies, nothing like homegrown. I wandered down to my patch this morning and discovered I can grow cat poo where my beetroot should be. Disney obviously isn't doing her job, must get out pictures of fluffy felines and torment her for a while ;)
Thank you for tasting the holders, you are a glutton for punishment!


Your garden looks great, my Mom use to grow her own vegs. Of course as achild I did'nt appreciate it, now I would love it.


Isn't it wonderful how everything grows this time of year? I've wandering out to the vegetable patch daily now to see how everthing is growing, and we've been able to enjoy our first lettuce and rocket. :-)

Also, if you are so inclined - you've been tagged. Rules etc. are on my blog. No pressure, though - just if you get a minute! :-)


I'd like to confirm that you were not unlucky with regard to the taste of your batch of clover coils. I found out your top tip many months ago. Yuck.

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