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May 30, 2007



POTC is very long, I hope they were able to sit still!!han you for the little tour of the local church. Our island was sighted by Abel Tasman just 5 years before then. It makes us incomers feel very 'new'!!!


What lovely effigies!! I would love to see more of them, especially the early one. (Yet another) of my interests is early dress, and since there are very few extant period garments, effigies and portraits are often some of the best sources of construction details available! Im not sure, but I think the later one looks more like 1547 than 1647; the hairstyles, figure-8 ruffs and lady's split sleeves on her surcote all seem to belong to the 16th rather than 17th centuries. Erm. I think. :)


I love the church, I use to love visiting places like that growing up in Ireland.


I hope you got some well deserved peace and quiet eventually. I love where your walk took you, its one of my favourite things to walk around old churches.


I had three hours of peace today too when my littles were whisked away to see Pirates.


your walk looks like it was wonderful.
thank goodness the half term is nearly over eh?


I love those monuments, too. (And like Alison, the clothing! Yes, Elizabethan or thereabouts?)

I remember walking around in some ordinary small town in England and seeing "1613" on a building and getting such a kick out of it. If I see "1932" on a building here in Southern California, I count myself lucky!

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