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May 11, 2007



good, I'm not the only one who hasn't started yet! There's quite a lot of patterned socks on Knitty, I've seen the Monkey ones popping up all over blogland.


Very nice choice of yarn--the color is great. Choosing the pattern is the hardest part, I think! I have two toes started, and I still keep thinking about other patterns!


That yarn is such a pretty colour. I hope you find something that suits it and you :)


The choosing is so hard, isn't it?? I think it's more than 50% of sock effort: marrying the wool with the right pattern. Tomorrow is another day!!

Karen B.

You might want to try Hello Yarn's Cable Twist Socks. Nice texture, good fit and easy top-down pattern.


Seanna Lea

Hey, your not broken cable socks look cute!

I just ordered my yarn today, so I should have it sometime next week. Time to finish something so I'll have free needles.


Love the unbroken cable, love the lilac Koigu, but I have to know: what exactly is that little green dealy you've got holding the DPN's together in the last pic, and where did you get it? I think I need something similar, because my DPN's are stored all higgledy-piggledy in an old pencil-case, which is NOT a clever system.


Oh dear. Better luck with the next experiment. I'm sure your yarn will let you know what it wants to be in the end.


They looked good while they lasted, beautiful colour, Good luck with them.


You win some you lose some... better luck next time! It's unfortunately a great way to learn!

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