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May 02, 2007



So many choices! I've not even thought about it yet. I like the second SKS book as much as the first, maybe more. It's a similar format to the first book. You're missing Favorite Socks I see, though most of those are in previous IKs, with a few new ones.

Karen B.

The Fleece Artist (is the Woodland?) would look terrific as Friday Harbour. I also like the subtle variation in the Koigu for anything from SKS.

These are hard choices. I just made mine earlier today :o)


I've got MSKS as well as SKS & love it. Toe ups feature far more & there's more scope to change heels & toes.

I'm sure whatever you chose will be wonderful.


God luck with the job hunt.
I've just got MSKS, and am pleased to have it. The two together have enough sock options to keep you knitting for years !


Pomatomus is lovely, that yarn is great colours.


Good luck with the job hunt, the colors you have are gorgeous.


I hope something interesting/well-paid comes your way on the job front. I think the second sensational socks book is great, and the new 25 favourite socks one from IK. It's very convenient to have them all in one book. Isn't stash a handy thing to have?


I was just at BN yesterday, checking out More Sensational Knitted Socks. I wasn't sure it would be something I needed, since I already have the first book. There are definitely more, very nice stitch patterns. The layout is a little different, but I didn't find it too confusing. I liked that it was organised so that there was slightly more emphasis on the different toes and heels; it was buried information in the previous book. However, if you're serious about toes and heels, one of Nancy Bush's books might be a better choice. I think MSKS is a "nice to have" book, but not necessarily a "have to have" book, especially if you own the first.

I can't get enough of those muted, pastel colours of yours, by the way!

Danielle M

I love the first picture...Both yarns are so yummy & would look great in a pattern with texture!


I love the Koigu you have myself. And good thing for toe up, I was terrified of running of yarn on my koigu socks


I love the planning phase of a project!

That variegated Koigu pictured with the Fleece Artist? Gah! I love it! Pretty please, could you tell me the color number? :)

I have both of the SKS books, and I think I prefer the second one. I think the patterns are more attractive. But in general the concept of the books is just brilliant.


your pattern preparations look exactly like mine! i had the same books spread out across my bed. i'm also in awe that you're finding Pomatomus a quick knit. mine took forever and i needed to take a break in between sock one and two.


I love the colours of the Koigu and the Lornas Laces, particularly that pale lilac Koigu (I hav some of that in my stash).

I think those more solid colours would look fabulous in some of the more complicated patterns from the Nancy Bush books.

Mithranstar x


I have enough trouble choosing my own colours, never mind helping anyone else! Always too much to choose from ;)

Good luck with the job hunting - that was the hardest part of leaving London for me, the lack of decent jobs and the lousy pay. Of course giving up the daily commute was wonderful!

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