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April 20, 2007



You can always count on your children to help you out ;) Good luck Monday, I shall be keeping all available body parts crossed for you (could make sock knitting fun!)


Extra good luck for Monday (I passed 3rd time, so I'm sure you can beat me!)


Oh, best of luck!!!! I hope the second time is a charm. I have heard how difficult driving tests are over in Great Britain - contrast it to the 15 year olds here who pass easily, and I think maybe we need to rethink our driving tests and perhaps we wouldn't have so many teens involved in major accidents.

Anyway, I hope it all goes your way.

And cool activity. At our kids school, we have done the felt balls year after year, but not the beads - I think many of the kids would enjoy those even better.


Good luck with the driving test. Love those beads. How easy are they to thread after felting?


I love making felted beads, if it was me, my kids would have not been there either but they would probably want to have a go once we got home! Good luck for Monday.


Good luck! I'm sure you'll pass this time.


Good luck with the driving test - hope it goes well for you!


Hope Monday went well.

Are you going to Woolfest this year?


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