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April 17, 2007


Helen Chisholm

You will soon be driving the little ones to Cornwall yourself! I find that you can't knit and drive at the same time, which is a shame because we regulary drive to family in Polperro and I could get loads done. If that were possible.


Looks like a lovely holiday was had by all. Fingers crossed for the second driving test.


OK, it's official- I want to move there! Where you live is absolutely beautiful. I hope you treasure it every day! You inspire me to treasure where I live more.

Driving tests can be such a pain. Last time I renewed my license, I had to do a little vision test, and I didn't really understand how the little machine worked so I almost didn't get my license renewed. I know you'll get it next time!


You live in a lovely place! All the best drivers don't pass first time. Good luck for your next test.


Little giggle here after looking at cute lamb photos followed by bbq's. I can't pass the fields without shouting "Mint Sauce!" just to wind the boys up, motherhood has developed an evil streak ;) Good to hear you jumped straight back in the saddle and rebooked, you'll get it next time and then think of all the new yarn shops you can discover!


I love Woolacombe I soent many happy summers there as a child with my grandparents camping. The rock pools are amazing.


We love driving down to Woolacombe and spending the day there, ending up with a meal before driving home. It's a glorious place ;)

Sorry you failed your test today. We're having a bad time right now where everything that could possibly go wrong has. It sucks. Big time.

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