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April 25, 2007



During the days of vietnam, there were tiger stripe fatigues- your socks remind me of them.

Our trials can be so tough, but we do come out stronger from them, anyways.


Thanks for reminding this antipdean....even reading the NZ herald site didn't jog my memory.... Lest we forget.. I forgot! and I was brownie and did many a dawn service.

Don't get disheartened about not passing, my sister has just passed hers at a very round age (she'd kill me if I actually mentioned the number) after a couple of attempts.. Now we watch the news reports on the web for reports of road rage in Coromandel..


Nice Clapotis and socks, makes me want to cast on another pair! I'm sure that you'll pass next time, at least you have a break before another test.

hhpny knits

ah! the Clapotis-lite is so lovely! I like that it is smaller. and the Pomatomus look smashing in trekking. I have admired them on the web forever now. I like your colorway.
Sockapalooza 4 will be fun! I think 1000 knitters signed up. wow.


Driving Tests are so much harder now than they were 25 years ago. I have just realised how long ago I took the test!! Most people here take 2 or 3 tries now,and that's the average. Your Cup'o'Tea( I can't pronounce Clapotis) is gorgeous and you are right about pooling!! I usually read about poeple hating it, but when you want some, it is contrary!!
We had the biggest crowds ever for the Dawn services here this year. There is only one WW1 veteran left in Australia, but no-one will ever forget. If only we could stop tripping along merrily to other wars we shouldn't be attending...... We have learned nothing.


Bad luck about the test - all the best people pass on their third attempt, you know. And good luck for the next one.

I love the pomatomus socks - they're one of the most distinctive patterns from knitty and they always look good. I've not seen a bad colourway yet. Good work on the clapotis!


Your clapotis is beautiful!!!!


Love the Clapotis and socks!
Don't get too down about the test, you'll get there!

Sue f.

Your work is great! I used the same camo yarn for my Dad and got major pooling using size 0 needles and the Gentleman's Fancy Sock pattern from knitting Vintage Socks, different needle sizes really seem to make a difference with this yarn with respect to pooling vs striping. I'm currently using 2.25mm Clover bamboo DPNs and just a word of caution, they are now curved instead of straight. I would have used the Brittany wood ones if the store had had that size.


Hello from your Sockpalooza4 pal. I'm looking forward to knitting your socks :0)
Good luck with the next test.


I like the Clapotis-lite -- was thinking of doing the same thing, so you've done my test-knitting for me, thanks!


I love your Pomatomus socks and the yarn is a great colour. Looking forward to seeing the completed pair. I'm hoping to try this pattern soon too.

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