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April 23, 2007



Bummer but don't give up - you'll get there in the end (honest)! Sending you happy thoughts :)


What a nightmare! Just go and re-book another test straight away! I hope you're getting feedback, and it's not the same thing this time!


Yes, don't give up!!


Try not to think about it too much and do something nice today. This is over and done. Next time will be better!


Commiserations. But your time will come soon.


Oh Mary....get a horse ;)

Seriously, it will be 3rd time lucky I promise. Don't think about it, go have a nice glass of wine and snuggle up somewhere with some special knitting. Sending a big cyber hug anyway x


So sorry! When my brothers and I had to take our exams here in the US, the local DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) was known for flunking people at least twice, so my Dad took us to a neighboring town to take the test at the DMV office there. Sneaky!

I second the advice of alcohol and knitting. Just the thing!


Just to commiserate: I got my driver's license on an automatic car in the US at age 17 first time. Moved back to France and had to retake the test. Failed twice! Then moved to Singapore where they accepted my american one. Drove there for 2 and a half years without a single incident. Moved to London and had to retake exam: Failed! I finally passed the second time (er umm ok 4th time) around but I honestly thought it would never ever happen. Keep at it and you will get there in the end.


Bum! Better luck next time - just keep going until you get it.


Honestly: took the test SEVEN TIMES. So long ago now that I can hardly remember that as true, but I remember telling people so it must be. And I am a good driver.

Take heart.


Have a big chocolate and knitting binge. Don't give up though, you will pass! xx


Chin up!

You'll get there...


I'm sorry, but they say "Third time is the charm"

Beth S.

Oh no! :-( I'm so sorry! But next time you'll surely nail it!


It took me three attempt, but it is worth it in the end.



So sorry! You'll do it, don't give up!


Oh! Keep going, you'll get there in the end xx (big hug)


Oh no - sorry to hear re the driving test. Next time should be a charm, third time lucky and all that.

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