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March 15, 2007



Love the camouflage LL socks. I prefer the old IK version though sometimes these things grow on me and I might change my mind in a few issues.


I hate having the patterns at the back, having them next to the photo was always the thing I preferred about IK.
I have to stop reading to stop being inspired, my "I want to knit list" is HUGE.
I stopped myself from buying Scottish Inspirations for the cable cardi last week as there is no way I will want to knit something that big in a couple of months. So I decided if I still love it by autumn I will buy it then, I am getting good aren't I??

hPNY Knits

I know what you mean about blog temptation! so funny about the camouflage, my son asked for camouflage pyjamas the other day. I said I'll consider shorts...


I wasn't terribly impressed by the new IK layout, as it seemed to be change for the sake of change, instead of an improvement, as I thought it was pretty good the way it was. I'm excited, too, by Eunny's appointment, though!

Funny thing, about that Camo. When you WANT pooling and flashing -- because it would look like camouflage, duh -- it stripes. When you want stripes -- like with, oh, say, LAKEVIEW -- it pools and flashes.

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