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March 27, 2007



We've been working on the veggie plots since Feb. (well, the husband was digging, I was making tea.) it's hard work, but the potatoes and peas just went it last weekend.

Shetland triangles looks lovely.


Your lace looks good. I will be interested to see the sewing ideas, I am going to teach myself to sew this year!!! I love those little squares of fabric you can buy and have lately been known to pass them closely on the way to the yarn in out local store!


This pile of fabrics looks gorgeous! Where did you get them, may I ask? I am looking forward to discovering what you've got in mind for them...


Um, I made mine a LOT bigger than the pattern said (it was more like a neck-kerchief in the pattern I thought).....I think I used 5 balls of Debbie Bliss DK ...don't think that helps much does it. But thought I would add it anyways.

BTW - I miss our daylight savings - I want it back.


Oooh nice fabrics, can't wait to see what you are up to. Yoour shawl looks very pretty, hope you don't run out of yarn.

Helen Chisholm

I know your dilemma regarding flexing the plastic, I always over estimate, last year I did try to rein myself in but I have ended up with a jumper where the tops of the sleeves are a different dye lot and it shows! This is how my stash grows. I have to say this post is most Idyllic to my mind knitting, sun and gardening or at the least the prospect of it, new sewing projects and the freshest veggies! Yum


You on your side of the world are rejoicing at the feginning of daylight saving and I am here lamenting the demise of daylight saving here for another year. It seems to me that daylight saving is much more useful during Winter than Summer - after all, if you get up early enough, it's dark anyway whether Winter or Summer! Then you get the extra bit of daylight at the end of a day. Oh well, I seem to be destined to swim against the current!


The seasilk looks good - can't help you on quantity though.

We've just put a couple of veggie beds in our garden just like yours. It's such a joy to be able to spend time outdoors, isn't it? (although we are ducking April showers/ hale storms at the moment!)


I think you should be able to get a good sized Shetland triangle out of one skein. The nice thing about that pattern is that you can begin the edging rows at any time, you don't have to have a specific number of body repeats done. So if you run short you can rip back a body repeat and begin the egding sooner. Does that make sense?


Have you been reading the "Grow your own Veg" book? It waxes lyrical on raised beds. I have a skein of Handmaiden you've inspired me to wind it up now.

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