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March 08, 2007



Is that going to be like the "rabbit proof" fence they have keeping rabbits out of Western Australia ;-) My eldest never saw a live rabbit till we came to the US!


How is it that when you bake, your kitchen looks lovely. Mine looks like it's been hit by a tornado. Please send muffins, they look yum, as does the yarn from Stash. I am heading there on Saturday but shall try to be quite good. x

Helen Chisholm

Mmmmmmmmmm those muffins, they also cheer up a dull office morning in Surrey! Virtual muffins are also the only sort I do being alergic to wheat so well done on that one. I could have stood next to you at Stash I made my first pilgimage last Friday I came away with some wonderful pink, plum wool and silk mix varigated yarn. I've not knitted anything varigagted since I was a tot (a dolly dress on that ocaision) it was intended for my eldest, the yarn not the dolly frock, but she does not have the vision so it is parked for the moment my youngest wants a cuddle blanket out of it but there is only enougth for a jumper! Does this mean that another visit is required?


Those muffins look so good. The only thing that keeps the rabbits out of our yard is the dog.


sorry to miss you at Stash last week, I'll be there tomorrow. Do you think a fence would work? Our pet rabbits used to escape from the fenced garden occasionally - they once ended up on the bowling green, and had dug a few holes! We quietly retrieved them.


I was thinking of putting a gallery on my blog for "Not Really Knitting" actually, after recent feats of sewing, baking and tiling the downstairs WC. Good luck with the rabbit fence!


Ooh, what colorway is that Shepherd Sock -- Baltic Sea, maybe? I look forward to seeing it knitted up! Very pretty.


Tasty looking muffins! I love baking, hate cooking normal meals though! I just get too busy with the more mundane stuff, although we have done a lot of garden work this weekend!


i love your stash haul! it looks divine.

the success of the fence will be interesting...i'm thinking there will be some rabbits shaking in their paws!

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