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March 12, 2007


Mary de B

I'd be sulking about all that, too. April is not so far off, now, though.
Nice socks!


Love the socks, hope you're feeling better


Lovely socks, and they look so comfy!


Good Lord, chica, you've had your share of challenges this past 12 months. feel better soon. And the socks are wonderful.


you know i don't care what anybody says...there is something really nice about plain vanilla stocking stitch socks.


Hope you feel much better soon and what a shame about the driving test!


Those socks look great! Hope you're feeling better soon.


hope that you've recovered from the food poisoning. I love those socks.. so very pretty.

if you get your driver's license, does it make getting the loot home from GK easier? inquiring minds want to know


Hope you have fully recovered, your socks are great, I love stocking stitch socks for mindless knitting! Hope you get to sit your driving test soon.

Beth S.

Food poisoning, ugh! :-( I hope it was short-lived, at the very least.

Your socks are lovely! They have an early-spring look to them... crocuses, daffs, new leaves, etc. And cloudy skies. ;-)


Sometimes you can't beat plain socks, especially if you're on your sick bed. Hope you're feeling better now, and good luck for your driving test!

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