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March 19, 2007



go for it... what's life without a bit of uncertainty?

Karen B.

I was intrigued by the Camo colourway. Now that I know how it knits up, I may have to indulge. Cute sock!


i say go for it, too! as long a s they're toe-up, what noticeable difference could 4g (only 2g per sock!) possibly make? also, i think a short-row heel takes a lot less yarn.

now, please excuse me, i have to go dig out my sock yarn leftovers!


How about using a contrasting yarn for toes and heels? That would save a bit. Or, go for it and if things look dicey do contrasting ribbing at the end.


I think 80g is enough too. If you have to have odd toes it doesn't matter, they're stashbusters!


Those camo socks look great. And I find you very inspiring when it comes to using up sock yarn leftovers. I remember your last stashbusters and they were so nice- not looking like leftover projects at all! I am afraid mine would...now I have to go see if any of the leftovers would work together!!!

Clare T

All your pieces always look lovely, so I wouldnt worry... Plus everything you make, I end up wanting to make, and Ive got loads of sock yarn to use up too - go on, inspire me! (your links led me to ordering that Erika Knight book too...) Glad all is working out for you in Somerset, although I do miss our gatherings at the Bread 'n' Roses. Much love x


You could use a contrasting colour for the heel, toe & cuffs & they'd look fab.


The sock looks great. I love the color combinations.


The colours are all so pretty - is the sock knitting from toe up or top down? I guess if the 4g of yarn doesn't quite make it to the end of the sock you could have a funky toe colour and wear as a secret style statement (rather like some of the best coats/jackets have the most gorgeous linings - maybe the best pairs of socks have one of their toes in a wild new colour)? Good luck the colour is so pretty

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