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March 22, 2007



That's a very impressive pin cushion, well done you. I am now hanging my head in shame as I'm reading about you typing the parish council's minutes having only recently been installed in your cosy little hamlet, yet I lived in a similar set up for 6 years and managed one fruit cake and a very dubious looking pot of jam for the summer fair after much persuasion/bullying from the vicar. Good on you for getting so involved, you are the perfect village resident. (I wonder if anyone ever bought that pot of jam?!)


lovely pin cushion... so it'll be a sewing stash now eh?


Sweet pincushion! And I too commend you for being involved!!

hPNY Knits

cute pin cushion! I love the little detail at the bottom!


Very nice pinchushion! Does this mean a change of direction or are you still knitting (socks)?


Excellent pincushion. I'm looking forward to see what the new project is.

Lazy Cow

So pretty! I love Whipup, but am way too intimidated to make anything.


Thank you for the link to whipup, I might try my hand at a bit of sewing. Just need to work out how to thread the machine etc!!!!


Love that pincushion!

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