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February 19, 2007



That looks rather a lot of knitting progress, IMO and they're all rather nice. I too don't get on well with alternating socks, no need to add to the wips!


How about doing two socks at once? You'll need longer dpns but it's not hard. I'm currently doing my first pair of two at once, toe up on circs. Once I bit the bullet & went for it I was fine.

hPNY Knits

I believe you are making great progress on all fronts! it may seem slow because not one project is finished, but they will all come together you'll have a few! (like knitting 2 socks on 2 circs)
I love your idea of sock yarn Clapotis-lite. how many skeins will you need? and the cabele-blanket-coat will look smashing!


Blanket coat is going to be lovely, keep going!! I like the small clapotis idea too. I also wondered how many skeins of yarn and what width has yours turned out knitting on the smaller needles?


I think you've accomplished alot. The socks look great, I love the colors in the scarf. The blanket coat is going to be so warm, can't wait to see it finished.


You've got some pretty projects on the go there - the cables are looking lovely and the Lorna's Laces colour is great.

I don't get on with alternating socks either - it somehow feels even worse to have to knit TWO more socks to finish. Still, you've got to do whatever it takes, right?


I don't get on with knitting socks from two different pairs either, swear it takes much longer....remember any progress IS progress, just a few rows less to go.


the blanket coat (and the socks) looks lovely. I can't wait to see it on you. Looks like it will be both stylish AND cozy.


I don't get the knitting of two pairs of socks at a time either.....it has to be the easiest way to SSS me thinks ;)

Love the idea of rabbits in the garden - does that mean you don't need to mow the lawn?


That cardigan is so cool. I haven't seen how it looks like from the front, but I'm soo thrilled how yours will be. Looking really good so far!

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