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February 27, 2007



I will always use inches, despite being very comfortable (and a whizz at converting!) with metric measurements. When I see a garment in cms my eyes glaze over. I also have got into this nasty habit of working out my tension in sts/inch - nasty because I then try to get away with narrow 1" swatches!


I always measure in inches despite being educated in centimetres! I have started a clapotis in DK and am getting 18 inches across. Can't wait to see yours!


Exactly the same here too and watch out when I bake a cake! It has to be pounds and ounces or a disaster, 4ozs of flour seems to make so much more sense than 113 odd grams (and yes, I just had to check that before putting it to type ;) good job my kitchen scales convert at the flick of a button, I would be doomed.


I'm a feet and inches, ounces and pounds girl too. Those scales that convert are a boon, aren't they Tracy. And when someone tells me the weight of a new baby in kilograms (?) I haven't a clue if it is little or large.....


As an American, I'm very into feet and inches and pounds and ounces. What's been funny for me is temperature--if I'm in the US, temperature only makes sense in F. And when I'm in Canada (my new home), it only makes sense in C. Does that make any sense?

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