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February 09, 2007



It can only improve next week. You might need to knit yourself some earwarmers, or one of those hats with earflaps. Any snow that fell in London yesterday is now either gone or icy, so you're not missing out. Lots of schoolchildren having snowball fights yesterday!


I certainly sympathise with you over the ear infection. It really makes you feel lousy. Hope you got some very strong antibiotics! Keep warm too!


Awww...I hope you all feel better! Drinking tea and eating biscuits sounds great!!! And I would be happy to send any snow we get your way!!


don't feel bad about the snow. i'm stuck indoors because the steep hill down from my house is covered in 10cm of snow turned blue ice. snow is for mountains, i say.

i hope your ear feels better soon, dear!


I sympathize with your snow lust: after finally getting wintry temps (and this is in Maine, the Northeastern US, where we're supposedly all about winter!) and a dusting of snow, we've been promised snow every day for about a week only to get. . .none. Zip. Nada. However, we've been reading with fascination about Oswego, New York, where they've had 72 inches and are due to get 24 more! THAT would be more than enough.

Hope the ear infection gets better. We have specialized in the stomach flu this week. Quick but nasty, and now, we hope, gone. All the best!

Karen B.

Poor dear. Here's hoping the weekend brings much needed healing R&R. Deal with Monday when it comes.


Hope your kids and you are feeling better. I have two sick girls at home too.


snow is overrated unless it is on the mountains feeding the rivers and dams!

i say send all your rain to melbourne!

hope you are feeling better!!


Hope you're better by now though...I've been busy and am just catching up with blog reading. We had no snow either, the boys were so grumpy and to make matters worse, all they showed on the local news all day were children building snowmen, sledding down hills, snowball fights etc and beautiful snowy scenes. What did we get? Drizzle.


Here's to happier days ahead!

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