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February 04, 2007



The crocus are lovely, I saw some purple ones in the grass the other day, just like in that sock yarn!


Daffodils and snowdrops, makes me so homesick. Love the pictures and the color in the wool looks great.


Odd, I don't like yellow and purple together as clothing - but it looks absolutely fine in purple and yellow crocuses side by side....also in winter pansies.


That is the most glorious colourway!

Mary de B

Urgh, lucky you to have spring, when we are just getting the worst of winter.

Beth S.

Daffodils! Oh, how I envy you...


Daffodils already? Wow!

Madame Purl

love that Canadian Regia.


Hi mary,
Lovely flowers, hope all is well with you?
I've decided to set up another blog.
Take care

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