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January 17, 2007



If you find that pattern please let me know how many skeins of Scottish Tweed it calls for. I scored some deeply discounted on elann.com and didn't really have anything specific in mind for it. it's so cold right now in Utah that I'd probably even finish it. shocking, I know...
well good luck on them all, chica! that coat is going to look lovely on you.


A knitting Tardis! I have the same problems, bits and bobs all over the place. Remember that the new magazines are due out next month, so you might want to get a move on with the cabled coat (which looks great, btw).


I don't use a knitting bag for precisely that reason, I just accummulate. instead all the UFOs are laid out everywhere in the house, much to my husband's 'delight' ;-)


I can't even begin to count my WIPs, and I'm safer that way! LOL I keep each one in it's own bag, and stash the bags just about everywhere. (I live alone, except for one cat, so no one complains). Even worse than WIPs, though, is my stash of finished sweaters that sit awaiting seaming. I keep telling myself I have to get over my hate of circular needles/dpns, and start knitting in the round, just to avoid seaming, but I just get round to it.

So, if you only have 4 WIPs, wow, you're sooo much better than I am!


I am deeply ashamed to say that my current wips are stuffed down the side of the chair that I sit in and the wall, that's two odd socks along with their different sized sock needles and Bonne Marie's Cutaway. I do have knitting bags but since the Christmas decoration clearaway, one hasn't come back down again with me and yet I've started 3 things, bad Tracy :( And as for the missing Cabled Coat Blanket, I hope it appears soon, you wanted that really badly didn't you?


I've got two WIPs at the moment and am barely finding time to do either of them. My 6 month old keeps me too busy! Out of interest, how many balls of the tweed do you need for a 38" cable coat? I really like the pattern and have something I think I could use for it.


It is amazing what some of these bags can hold. I'm always shocked when I find a bag with things I'd forgotten all about.


Thank you for inspiring me to go and look through my magic knitting bag. It needed a good sort out, and it wasn't too much for my cold-ridden brain to cope with!


Oh how freaky is that! I just posted today too about what I found in my knitting bag - and it almost exactly the same as yours! Just started unknown projects, stuff waiting finishing and strange balls of yarn for lord only knows what. Damn, I love my bagsmith bag but things were much better when I just had a small basket :)

hPNY Knits

good one! got to take stock so one can progress!
right- off to find those WIP!.


Your post has made me feel a lot better about my knitting bag (which has similar items and a fair amount of chocolate in case of emergency). So many WIPs and yet so much more to cast on - what a dilemma!

Beth S.

Ha! I do this too, periodically--go through all the yarn "nests" scattered around the living and rec rooms, and decide what yarn I really need to have near me and what yarn can go back upstairs. It amazes me, too, how much can fit in one overstuffed knitting bag--taking it all out is like doing archaeology. ;-)


I do exacty the same, It's usually my husband who finds all the WIP's and pressures me to finish them or he get's rid...how mean is he?


I don't have a knitting basket, I have a corner-by-the-bookshelves-of-shame and I am too scared to delve deeply in there in case some of the yarn has grown teeth and bites me, love the socks in previous post(late to post as the PC has been playing up). I have kind of decided that Lambs Pride is the grown up knitting equivalent of Lego - I have loads of it in all sorts of places around the house and I know it was meant for projects that I don't even remember, but the good thing is compared to Lego it doesn't make you scream with pain if you step on it

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