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January 16, 2007



bulldog clips, one each side of the open spread.


Abashedly, I admit to a few ruses: look for the book in hardback, as those stay open better; wear jeans because the zipper pops up and you can tuck the book in the "pop" and hold it open; buy secondhand so you don't feel guilty about "opening them hard". . . and when all else fails or you are knitting lace (Madli's Shawl, anyone?), borrow audiobooks and "read" that way!

I love to knit and read but people make a big fuss about it, as if the knitter/reader were superhuman, not compulsive. After all, I don't knit and DRIVE, as one friend used to. . . .


Lovely socks, I must use more CTH in future. I use a bookstand for thin books and 'weights' for thick books - remotes with the rubber keypad against the page to stop sliding. Really thick books are a pain as they need heavy weights - I'm thinking of plasticine (not sure if it's still around).


I sort of wedge a cushion on my nearest side and the other sits on the arm with whatever heavier knitting gadget is available resting on the other. I do end uo moving this bit up as I read the page, so maybe Anna's bulldog clips are the way to go (why didn't I think if that ;)


Ha! I have tried a lot of these things too! Where there's a will, there's a way!

I will read and knit ribbing if it's just a 2x2. But definitely nothing tricksy!


after trying many things that just did not work for me, i bought a bookhug (http://www.bookhug.com/) which seems to work for me. I also bought another device at the same time which folds up and works really well that i keep i a drawer with my cookbooks (i use it for those as well, obviously). Definitely very simple knitting when i use either of these, however.


i did a quick search, and the folding holder i bought appears to be the pageboy book holder, they have it, and another device for holding books open here:


I have a book weight, but I sometimes use my lunchbox to keep the book open too. I thought I was the only one who knit and read at the same time. Good to know I'm not alone.


I have two of those metal bookmarks that clip over the pages. These hold the pages open, especially on second hand books which have had their spines folded already.
Glad to know others also knit and read.
I don't knit when I drie , but I often knit when my hubby drives.


Love the socks, they look great. I need to make some as I have so much sock wool


Lovely socks. I can knit without looking, but still haven't quite mastered simultaneous knitting and reading.

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