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January 10, 2007



What a beautiful view! How amazing. I have to share our mountain view with you, but right now it's not so pretty green like yours!

Pat K

What lovely pictures! I can look at them and dream about green fields and streams.


I love your view - can I visit? Do you have a barouche we could go riding around the countryside in? Sigh.

Alpaca Woman

What a glorious view.
Wish I could master that reading while knitting thing, it could open up a whole new world of productivity for me!


I like the colour of that sock yarn...what is it?


Chris bought me that book for Christmas (then saw it in the sales for £1.99) - hope it's a good read! What a fabulous view, pity you're working!


I understand the knitting while reading part, but how do you keep your book open?!

Beth S.

LOVED that book. I could barely bring myself to put it down!


What a fabulous view, hope it didn't rain too much.


I've got The Historian on my ipod, (along with about 20 others urhmmm!) One day I'll get around to listening to them all!


I continue to be in love with your view, your house, everything about life in Somerset. keep the lovely pictures coming. Hope you're well.


I love the scenery pictures. I still have not mastered the art of knitting and reading


I've seen that book and wondered if it was any good. I think I'll take the plunge and get a copy now.


The colors in the socks are wonderful. I too like to read while I knit, but of course, if the book won't stay open it can be really frustrating. Until I found some small weights in a box of sewing stuff my mom had given me. I think they are used to hold down the pattern while pinning? I am not sure, but they are about 1 cm in diameter and really heavy. Usually one per page does the trick. I also like to listen to audio books if I am knitting something complicated.

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