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January 09, 2007



Kid feet are always big...my 4 year old niece and the socks I knit for my friend's 6 year old were both only an inch or two off my own measurement. (Okay I'm small, but neither of them is going to outgrow me any time soon!) Love the Water colorway though.


That's really Bad News, now your children's socks aren't a quick knit! Get a good book on a bookstand and the st. stitch will whizz by!
Love the colours of that CTH yarn.

Beth S.

They always discontinue the good ones. It's a universal rule. Rowan is the worst offender (Magpie! Donegal! Yorkshire tweed! sigh)


I keep thinking I want to knit the matching jumper (matching your hat) but can't help wondering if little Ruby will look like the Michelin Man in it!!

As for being outgrown - I come from a "short" family and am 5 ft 4 in - have a daughter 5ft 9 in and a son 6ft 2 in - husband is just 6ft so I'm well "outgrown".


Pie crust promises??? Isn't it always the way the discontinue colours you like the best. I will not knit 4ply socks for anyone with big feet. Most of my friends and family only need 34-6 rows between the gusset decreases and the toe. Anyone else gets 8ply socks!!!!! How can feet be so big?????


love the hat! want one! love the socks! must not shop for more sock yarn - gahh!

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