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January 08, 2007


Mary de B

Weird-oh! That's some funsters I must have missed when I was in Cambridge -- you can see the street name in one of the shots! Wild, and I kinda like the music, too...


Yep, it's Portugal Place, Cambridge, for sure! That area has a weird mix of student accommodation and very expensive houses; my guess is that it's a student 'project' though I didn't hear anything of it at the time! Oh - and the 3D map-like thing at the end is a bronze relief map of the city centre; it's situated outside Great St. Mary's church, and has the names of everywhere in Braille, too.


And I thought I'd been an ace detective, seeing 01223 on the estate agent's sign (std code for Cambridge)! What a great day.


how bizarre!

Also, happy new year to you, and good on you for being so productive already! :-)

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