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January 30, 2007



Cara over at January One just posted a good tutorial on fixing a mis-crossed cable far down:


It is a little scary and involves cutting, but maybe that will work for you and prevent you from having to rip and reknit? :)


You may also want to check out Dana's post about ripping down a cable- I don't think there was cutting involved-


I'd drop the stitches & re create that column using a crochet hook. It would drive me mad & I'd seek it out every time I wore it.


If you think it will bother you, i'd drop the stitches and rework them. I had to do it quite a bit on a pullover and documented the process briefly as well:

If you have any questions and i can help, just let me know.


I love the photo. It is nice and soft but you are right, it is very gray. But I like it.

And I love love the Lana Grossa sock yarns.


definitely go see Cara at January One blog. Awesome tutorial and many, many references.
btw, I drove up to Orlando to see Kris of Strikker. she says hi! wish you could've been there. it was a beautiful blue sky but cool day. we bought strawberries by the side of the road. Our growing season is reversed here, Nov. to April...the sweater is looking lovely, error or no.


if it bothers you now, it will always bother you, so bite the bullet and fix it.

love the cables.. so pretty together

Beth S.

Everyone has already directed you to Cara's blog, so I'll just pipe up and say that I couldn't live with the funny cable. I'd have to fix it, or it would bother me for all eternity.


i was just about to tell you to go and read cara's blog too. there must be something in the air with all these miscrossed cables flying around.


fix it, you know you'll regret it! I'd go for either partial frogging of the cable sts only, or cutting and reknitting that part and grafting together. Isn't there a darning method somewhere on the www? It's looking lovely, and that sock yarn is also very very nice.


I would fix it because I know it would bother me forever and probably lead me never to wear it if I didn't. Nice to see the grey tho - sometimes its just a little too blue and bright all the time here.


Nah, you see, that's the Zen cable wherein you gladly acknowledge your imperfection as a human being. Really!

(you have a beautiful place to walk--I love the photo)

hPNY Knits

only god (of your choice) is perfect, so let this little distraction of your mind be a gentle proof of that. it looks amazing as it is. if you wanted it all to be "perfect" you'd buy it in the store, machine made.


I am afraid that I would have to re-knit it if it was me. In fact I have just done a similar thing with my cable project and used the unravelling way not cutting! They are so time consuming cables but worth the effort!


Ooops, I'd probably have to fix it, Caras tutorial is great, good luck!


I was just about to link to Cara's excellent tutorial, too, but I've clearly been beaten to it.

I'd have to fix it - or, since you miscrossed every cable on that row, why don't you repeat the 'mistake' at regular intervals and just call it a new cable pattern?

Mary de B

Yeah, what Alison said.


If the garment is for me, I would leave the miscrossed cable, we're not all perfect are we, though if I was knitting for someone else I would fix it.


I am with Polly on this, you will have to fix it! Be honest it will bother you every time you go to wear it, I would just rip down that particular cable and redo. Go on you know I am right ;-)


Listen to them all urging you on! You realise that you've got to tackle it now, they've given you links, you have the know how and if you are having niggling little doubts there's only the one solution...oh but I feel your pain. May I suggest a really quiet and warm corner, plenty of light, no distractions other than a glass of wine and enough time to do the job without having to rush off and leave stitches dangling, as has often happened to me :( It'll be over soon.......


I think you should bite the bullet and knit it again. Otherwise, that mistake/design feature will always bother you and you will not enjoy wearing the cardigan. Momentary pain for a lifetime's pleasure ;-)


I'd definitely go with Cara's recent experience, scary as it looked!


no cutting required, just go back to that point and undo; knit upwards back to where you started the fix.....


You can definitely fix it. There are lots of ways to do it. Look at them all and find the one that works best for you. Email me if you have questions about the technique I just used. GOOD LUCK!

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