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January 03, 2007



it's always a matter of priority and with a big move as well this year, don't be too hard on yourself. I am a real sloth when it comes to posting with comments. Bloglines is horrible in that it pretty much encourages you to reading and not commenting.


Now that you've moved you might find time to knit and blog more, looking forward to seeing the FOs!

Mary de B

Yeah, what happened to those mitered squares?


Moving is so hard to do, and summer was a really slow time for many bloggers (cough, cough, like me too)that some don't even return to their blogs, leaving us poor readers in the lurch. Four contests is a lot! I think you're doing a great job and I plan to be a faithful reader.


I think with the big move you had, you did pretty well. I find when the kids are on vacation I don't do much posting on my blog.

Beth S.

I don't get it either--your Swallowtail was to-die-for! ;-)


I'm surprised people didn't comment more on the Swallowtail shawl. I thought it was lovely. Moving house - it's not just the physical work and time involved, but that strange feeling of not being at home that disrupts everything - even knitting!


I think thats a pretty impressive tally - especially when real life (children, house-moving are all involved). I'm keen on a tubey (maybe once I develop a waist - oh yes 2007 I will loose some weight) - how has it worn. As for things in progress - well I have a drawer of shame in which I have 2005 starters too.


As Paula mentioned, with your big move you did accomplish a lot of knitting. And I'm looking forward to more posts and more FOs this year!


Well, I for one (or 12) thought your Swallowtail is lovely -- it's on my own to-do list -- but I'm reading my sloth-incurred backlog of three months' worth of posts, so please accept my apologies!

And just my luck, I missed the competitions, too --

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