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January 24, 2007



What, not the silk thong?.....

The cable neck-down raglan by Stephanie Japel looks good to me......


Oh no, not more temptation, I only just received the winter magazine and haven't started the cardigan I want to knit from it yet!


Ooooo, thanks for that link. Just what I needed.

Beth S.

I just wish the pictures were a little bigger. That dollar-and-a-half cardigan (?) looks like it might be something fabulous, but I can hardly see it!

And those entrelac socks must have shaping in them, in order to work as knee socks... how do you suppose she managed to do both calf shaping AND entrelac? Eunny is some kind of mad genius, I think. (In a good way, of course!)


Yes, it looks very promising. I would worry that the slanted v-neck would just look wonky - maybe not slanty enough!

Woolly Wormhead

Thanks for the link - didn't even know they showed a preview.... but there are no Hats in that issue!


Thanks for the link. And I thought I was done with Interweave after the last few issues. Guess I was wrong!


Thanks fo the link, except it is temptation.


Looks like a good issue - the Cable Down Raglan is gorgeous, may well be knitting that one for myself. Lots of sock choice as well.

How about a thong-along? ;)


What with that and the new Rowan due out, I think I am going to have to give up work to do some knitting.

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