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January 21, 2007



Yes it was a great day! I'd better start saving up now for the next trip.

I won't comment on the baskets!


technology is enough to make anyone grumpy, but it looks like you had a great day.


I just typed a long e-mail to friend and somehow lost the lot - know how you feel....technology? Bah, humbug!

Lovely seeing you again, must try and meet up more often......


OK- my guess is basket D or F! Cuz I don't think you would skimp!!!


I'll go with B, I spy serious sock yarn in there. I've just used Google Earth and bookmarked it to see exactly where the new shop is...do you think I've lost it?! :)


And I thought it was just blogger that ate posts !!

Good to meet you, we must meet up there again :-)


It looks great, am very jealous, I think yours is basket A

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Today I have been mostly ...

Considering buying a roll of batting.

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