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December 19, 2006


Pat K

It's a lovely wreath and special to be made from things in your own garden. Lovely knits, as well. Enjoy the season!

Beth S.

Oooh, I like the stripey man-sock. Very nice!

If the wreath is roughly circular, and doesn't fall apart when you hang it up, then it is a good wreath. No faux pas. ;-)


Love the wreath, is that holly, we use to use holly for all our homemade wreaths back in Ireland. Love the socks.


I have no idea about wreaths! Not something I've ever attempted, but it looks good. Hasn't Calmer got some elastic in it? That would solve holes in short row heels.
I'm not ready for Christmas yet, but the annual Christmas cold has just arrived, hopefully gone by Christmas.


Lovely wreath, Mary. I just did mine today but relied too heavily on purchased trims and it looks a bit foody. Also had to raid next door's overhanging ivy and cypressus - does that count? The Lana Grossa socks look great as well.


Lovely wreath, lovely socks. Merry Christmas!

hPNY knits

wow! I can feel the excitement all the way here to NYC. you ARE busy with the holiday knitting!

Woolly Wormhead

Congrats on nearly finishing the christmas knitting! The wreath looks wonderful, you're right to brag.


I love the wreath! I have also kept my Christmas knitting to a bare minimum...have enough trouble finishing off stuff I started a year ago ;)

Merry Christmas x


Ooh bet those Calmer socks are lovely and snug ;) They're still on my to do list from last year ;)

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year!


Those bedsocks are gorgeous! And I have heard calmer is such a luxurious yarn...she will love them! Sounds like you will get all the Christmas knitting done- I am just one gift away, but it is the swallowtail shawl. I am through 6 repeats of the second chart....I hope I can get it done!!!


It is a lovely wreath Mary! You are lucky to have a plain door to hang it on to. Our front door is all glass (very unpractical for Christmas wreaths...) Well done on finishing your presents on time!


the wreath is lovely but I love the Calmer bedsocks! they look so cozy. I'm impressed. Have a jolly Christmas.


What a lovely wreath but I'm really loving those Calmer socks. How cozy!


It's a queen among wreaths, besides which you've beaten us to it. Every time Ros and I remember to go out and bring in some holly, it's already dark. Lovely bedsocks too.


Merry Christmas!! I love your wreath - much nicer than the one I bought :) The socks look great!


Love the wreath, and REALLY LOVE that green door! Merry merry!


Hello - Love the socks - both pairs. Yup, Christmas in New Zeland growing up was never as good as the rest of the summer for some wierd reason (I'm from Christchurch), not long before I came over here we had Christmas in the bush in Banks Peninsula near Lake Ellesmere. Happy Christmas/New Year


Happy Christmas!


lovely wreath
Merry Christmas (it's warm and raining in Sydney!)

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