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December 31, 2006



Have a wonderful New Year, Chica!!!

Mary de B

I got Arthur that same book! At first he was a bit nervous about a book with such a title, but the Morse code has already come in handy and it's so full of cool information! I got another one called 211 Things a Bright Boy Can Do, but when I looked at it (after ordering online) I realised it was more (ahem) mature, so gave it to my husband, who can learn all those pub games and so on. fun fun fun!


happy new year! we're listening to Jools Holland and on the pre-champagne vodkas (not a great idea when I'm trying to knit a striped sleeve in the round)


i hope 2007 is wonderful to you.


Happy New Year, it's a great book, isn't it!!! We have a QLD here in Tassie, a Quiet Little Drink, but it's the opposite!! A big bash at the end of the Sydney to Hobart on the Docks!! I have NEVER been, I much prefer a real QLD!!! Hope you're QLD was good!!!


Happy New Year!


Pasta machine? Stories? Champagne? It all sounds as perfect as can be.....

HAPPY 2007!


Happy New Year!


happy new year, mary!


Why do other peoples children always look so sweet? Yours look endearing, mine are plugged into Wiis, Gameboys etc and all beeping and bleeping and trailing bits - not photogenic at all and too darn noisy! Have a wonderful 2007!

Lazy Cow

They all look so cozy! I bought The Dangerous book for boys for 2 of my nephews, I hope they enjoy it as much as your kids seem to.

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