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December 06, 2006



Happy belated birthday! That cabled coat is just beautiful, I had to go and order the pattern book!


That's a beautiful coat :) I'm looking forward to seeing it finished


Happy birthday! Wait until you're well into the forties!
Love that design. I'm raring to get started on something new now!


That cable looks so deep and twisty. I think you're on to a winner.


Belated birthday wishes of great things to come!

The blanket coat is Gorgeous! I can see why you toppled for it. Should be interesting to make as well.

hPNY knits

its a wonderful, well worth it, project. I have loved it since I saw it. hurry up so we can see it all knit up...


OMG - i am late reading blogs so late wishing you a happy birthday. Happy belated birthday nonetheless. I hope you had a lovely day! xx


Oh i love this one too - I keep looking at it and wondering how easy/comfortable it is to wear. And then I think about the reality of such a heavy garment in this climate. Can't wait to see yours done - and please model it (without head of course for privacy) I really want to see how those fronts work on a real person!

Beth S.

I followed the link to the book, and I must say you chose the nicest pattern to knit. :-) That's a great jacket--really, really lovely.


It is beautiful, and perfect for the weather there. You deserve it.


oooh, that's lovely. i could use something just like that. and i like cascade 220 -- i have a sweater i knit with it which is very comfortable.

happy birthday ... from another knitter who is creeping very close to 40. 27 months to go. but who's counting?


Happy Belated Birthday!!!

I finally managed to get round the comment issues - I emailed TypePad and they\'re investigating whats happening. I can\'t blog directly on any TypePad blogs anymore - not just yours - wonder what I did ;(


ooh, that is going to be so beautiful! don't blame you for wanting to dive straight into it. you should! i wanna see!


This will be gorgeous when it's done! Yum.


Plans for that coat are in my futre. And I also have an older issue of vogue that has a very similar skirt knit sideways w/cables that will go great w/it.

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