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December 29, 2006


hPNY knits

I am with ya' about the "fun is all good and well, but enough is enough..."
I think there should be a universal rule that knitted Xmas gift can be finished up to the 12th day of Xmas. you can just give an IOU with a little yarn attached to it on the day...
happy new year!


I love the anticipation of Christmas, but after a week of pre and post celebrations it's nice to sit back and relax!


Hope your hands are better soon (I can sympathize just now!) and that you are on a more even keel this week. Oh, the withdrawal from the chocolate and wine is just terrible, isn't it?


Hello, I wanted to thank you for the yarn that you sent to me. I love the color and I've never tried the Regia silk before, so I can't wait to start a special pair of socks with it. Thank you also for the chocolate. I'll be finishing that up soon. Oh, and you weren't the only one who didn't finish the Christmas knitting in time. I'm finishing my friend's shawl tonight, then I'll have to work hard to finish my husband's sweater by the end of January. Happy Holidays and thank you once again. Lori


I feel the same as you about the christmas thing and also need a bit of time just to knit...pleeease chores let me knit!!!


school! what are you talking about. kid's have another 4 weeks off yet. ;-)

happy new year!


Sorry about your hands playing up again, just when you might have a little while to knit. Perhaps you could just wind a skein or two - or look through some patterns and make plans? Less than 5 weeks to new Rowan magazine......

First time for many years I haven't been asked to baby-sit on New Year's Eve - so I get to stay in with husband and knit - or shall we go to Trafalgar Square and jump in the fountains? No, I think not.....


christmas dinner for 11? yep, that sounds busy alright. hope your hands mend up soon, poor mary. have a lovely new year's eve and all the best for 2007!

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