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November 23, 2006


hPNY knits

they look so cheerful and happy, just ready to go and do some sport! well worth the work, and they ARE long, wow!


Don't worry, a man won't notice the missing stripe! I think they look really great.


Oh I am so glad someone was able to come to your rescue with extra yarn. They do look good, I like the non-matchingness of them.


Yay for Brigid! Those look fantastic!!

Mary de B

Yay for the socks, and happy birthday to Toby!


The socks look great, glad you were able to finish them

Beth S.

Heroic effort! :-) I'm so glad you got the yarn you needed to finish them. It would have been too tragic otherwise!


Glad the sock worked out - it looks fab! And thanks for the mention ;)

If ya get this comment.....means it might be fixed!

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