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November 16, 2006



Ouch, hope you find something to match up.


you only got 94g ? no wonder you ran out! Seriously, post the details of the yarn to me, I might have some in the stash...


Oh dear! This happened to me once, and I cut a little bit off each leg (at the top, and used that. I now do men's 11" feet socks toe up!

What's the yarn? Maybe we have something similar. It looks like a black/white chequered and blue? As the toe normally doesn't show, it might be worth doing an odd toe in similar yarn.


truthfully, if it were me, i'd pick a nice red or orange or blue and do the last toe in a solid. yes that will make fraternal twins, but that can be charming, if you choose to consider it charming rather than annoying. nobody's going to see the toe in the normal scheme of shoe-wearing days, and when the odd toe is on display, it'll just serve as a reminder that these are SPECIAL socks, lovingly made by hand.


Don't rip back! Either try to find more, or use something contrasting for the toes.


I'm joining the ''don't rip'' chorus ! Agree with everything Anna said. They're nice looking socks.



I would rip back the other sock to the same point and then do a red or blue toe on both of them!


I wouldn't want to rip either! They are lovely!!

Beth S.

I think I feel your pain more than anyone else here ;-)


What about a Opal Uni?

hPNY knits

I like the "search through my sock yarn odds and ends to try and find a suitable match." option. it will be cute and funky!


yeow... that does truly suck.


Same thing happened me, I could'nt get more wool to match, so I used some stash the was a similar color. You have to look closely to see it. Good luck.


Heh, what I would do is find a "coordinating" yarn in your stash or remnants and do the toe in a different color! But then, I'm *that* kind of knitter.

Mary de B

"I would rip back the other sock to the same point and then do a red or blue toe on both of them!"

except I'd do one red and one blue, so you can tell left from right... Or just for fun!


Oh what a bummer! Must be the ribbing. Kinda painful lesson to learn for sure.

I'd do the toe or toes a contrasting colour. Boy are they long socks.....you obviously have far more patience than me - mind you, hasn't everybody ;)


Which yarn is that? I really adore the colourway!

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