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November 02, 2006



Oh its lovely, I just finished mine, pics tomorrow hopefully. As to whats next, something bigger like Icarus or Seraphim.....


I started that shawl and messed it up somehow. I need to drag it out and figure it out!!!

I can't wait to see what the next project is.

Oh- the forecasted high today is 68 degrees (F). Yesterday was in the seventies! I wish it would just stay autumn weather!!!


that's a mighty gorgeous shawl. i don't know what you've actually cast on for, but don't you have a shawl from 'a gathering of lace' somewhere on the needles?

or is it time to go and cast on for frost, flowers & leaves....come on, you know you want too!

hPNY knits

its beautiful! looks so organic, as if a butterfly or moth is about to take off.


The swallowtail shawl is lovely. I guess you're going to do the moth wings shawl next (can't think of it's proper name just now).


oh no, that is too beautiful! now i have to make one, too! i love the nupps.


Gorgeous! And I'm looking forward to your next lace project.


It is beautiful, I love the color


It looks great, and a lot bigger than mine! I've now picked up my lace shawl again. Determined to finish it by Christmas!


Oh look what you've done, I need a jacket next but am now coveting a Swallowtail. I knew I should have got on with the hoovering ;)

Singular Stitches

Just beautiful!! I'm at the nupps part and hope to finish up soon. I hope mine looks as beautiful as your does. Good job!

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