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November 08, 2006



That is so cute,the button is fab, is the other cardi from the same book?


aah. I really want to knit some more baby stuff now! love the button hole!


Red and pink are such a good combination. The sweater looks really cosy.


Love the wee knits with contrast borders! Gorgeous!


oh the cuteness! almost unbearable!


Lovely! It's very obliging of non-knitting friends to have babies, isn't it?!

I agree with the contrasting hems - the colours work really well. I'm doing a little baby-raglan at the moment and the pattern has me knitting the neckband on as I go, switching to the smaller needle and using garter stitch. I guess the sewing-up will be the test...

wendy g

Love the baby sweaters!


I love both of those patterns. 'Lucky' has been my all-time favourite baby gift.


I love the sweater, especially the color. Love the scenery in your previous post.


Oh too cute! I definitely get the instant gratification thing - I've been on an accessories buzz recently and just love have quick knit FOs!

Just love your shawl - it is most beautiful ;)

I will make one one day.....


that is a beautiful little knit; simple but the shape is gorgeous and the contrast edging is so lovely. I love Debbie Bliss, her knits can be so simple and yet so perfect. Lovely job!


I love that raglan pattern, it's such a quick knit but does look really nice. Where's the second pattern from?

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