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October 30, 2006



Love the pictures, it makes me homesick


It's great to be out and about at this time of the year - did you find many edible mushrooms?


PS. 2 weeks for half term? Does this mean that one of the other holidays is missing a week?!


Mary, I think you live in heaven!!


Love the mossy tree, and the shot over the valley is absolutely beautiful. Seems to reallt capture the moment.

Sam's baking looks delicious!


it's gorgeous out there....


What fabulous pictures, our half term is 10 days, roll on next Monday!

hPNY knits

look at all that moss on the trees! it must be very wet round there.


tell sam i want to come for afternoon tea. mmmm scones with jam and cream! yum!


Mary! What did I tell you about posting more incredibly beautiful scenery shots - look out for your Twisties fix soon too.

Lazy Cow

I've always wanted to go mushroom hunting. And I adore that mossy tree too.
My scones *never* turn out like that!


Lucky children, it's a week back here! Even luckier with the weather! Are you trying to tempt us down to your village?


Two weeks half-term! Wow.
My kids had 7 days off so we went to Scotland. Back tomorrow, which seems a shame as its Halloween tonight.


What a beautiful place you're living in! Wonderful pictures.


Mary, I think I want your life (minus the carpel tunnel, of course). It looks to be simply divine.


Do you have any neighbours nearby for the children to trick or treat? Those costumes deserve to be widely seen..... Son's children had two weeks off for half-term too, it seems to be a new thing.

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