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September 18, 2006



No more pictures of idyllic walks, apple-cheeked children and delicious country fare: I can't stand it! :)


It all looks fabulous - all that outdoors and good neighbours as well. Are the children enjoying it?


fantastic! you realise that when your children hit their teens they'll think it's too quiet and boring?


It all looks so wonderful, am very jealous :)


It feels so good when you stop beating your head against a wall, doesn't it? congratulations on finding paradise...


gaaaaaaah it's too beautiful! really, you shouldn't show us these pictures - before you know it your house will be permanently filled with visiting knitbloggers ...


When I first clicked on to your blog I thought I had got Yarnstorm - that's a great compliment!


WOW! Great pics- and hazelnuts? I LOVE hazelnuts- you are so lucky to have a neighbor giving you such great produce! And a beautiful place to walk...I am glad you are so happy with your move!


Hmmm, ok Vicar of Dibley....no more super cool photos....or I will be forced to show you photos of, Wollongong Beaches, and TWISTIES.


So lovely. Unlike my fellow commenters, I want MORE. More of the land and the animals and the apple cheeked children and what about the house and the husband? And the general environs as many of us may never get there in person. thank you for sharing this with us all.


it's really gorgeous. you are very lucky to have that on your doorstep.


The best things are always worth waiting for, now go pick some blackberries and apples (of which I know there are loads of at the moment) and make a delicious crumble for tea. It'll be jam making next.......;0)

hPNY knits

ahhh, you can just smell the lovely fresh smell of the meadow and hear the birds chirp!


Love the pictures, look at that countryside.


Lovely, lovely pictures! You are indeed living an idyllic life!


It looks idyllic! I want your neighbours....


I'm bright green - I wanna live there, too! Mind you, I expect that you'd all get a shock if I turned up with my suitcase :0)


My god! You live in paradise. Charting the seasons with food sounds divine. See you soon, only 4.5 days until I leave for London!!

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