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September 20, 2006



I think I managed to destroy 2 in the end, not good. Mind you, I used Brittany's guarantee and had them replaced about a month ago, so I can't complain. I really like your Zebra colourway knitted in this pattern, so much so I have to get myself a ball sometime in the very near future. Blogging is still costing me a fortune ;)


Hee hee - funny title (darn good spelling).


I like your new masthead.


Congratulations Lori!

I managed to destroy several Brittany (or however you spell it) sock needles on a short row toe. Although I love wooden needles for socks it's metal all the way. Funny that.


I have started a Zine (magazine - but you have to keep in with the yoof lingo thing). Email me your postal address to littlelixie@hotmail.com or leave it as a comment on my blog (cue spam snail mail by the bucket!) and I will send one to you. xx

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