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September 14, 2006



I finished my swallowtail last night, and it's looking very small, I won't be able to block it until next w/end. My nupps are not perfect, I kept missing one of the sts on the p5tog!


The swallow tail looks great, love the color. OK I'm a sock addict, I love your socks. I think my favorite is the Zebra, maybe I'll make the Jaywalkers again. You have been busy.


whoops just realised that I shouldn't have posted that - please delete it if you can - sorry

Beth S.

Oh, I LOVE the Trekking socks. The pinks and greens melting into one another are just fantastic!

I prefer an old-fashioned flap and gusset heel. It's easy to do, it fits well, and I like to think that the slip-stitch heel flap is more durable than a short-row heel. I just wish it didn't interfere with the patterning of self-striping yarns--that's the one good reason I can think of for knitting short-row heels.


I love the colour of your trekking socks, another shawl is on my list but not sure if I am up to doing nupps.

hPNY knits

i adore trekking yarn, its great, and these colors are very lovely.
the shawl looks very soft. is it alpaca?
I have looked at this shawl, but I think I want to knit a rectangle next.
I have booked my flight to London, so I hope to see you at ally pally!


Beautiful banner - I'm envious :)

I haven't got a clue what is different so I'll have to skip on your comp! I'm wavering about Ally Pally - I wasn't going to go but...


Isn't the Trekking so beautifully coloured?? Only 1 pair of socks on the go?? I always have 3 or 4 on the go!!! I am hopeless!!!


Love the new photo....although the other one was cool too - NFI about the Jaywalkers....haven't given in to that pattern yet...yet I say.


I think your short row heels look great! What's the problem?

I don't know if the problem is fit but I "unvented" a combo mini flap with gusset short row heel that gives a much better fit because it deepens the heel cup...it's on my blog sidebar if you want a peek!


Love the new header! Hope that the 'rural' life is treating you well?

You've reminded me that I've got the Swallowtail shawl on the needles as well. Wonder where I've put it....

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